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January 23, 2004
As Primary Season Gears Up, Maryland Democrats Still Shopping For Candidate

WASHINGTON – Connecticut Sen

March 26, 2004
Bad Allergy Season Could Make Sufferers Sneezy, Grumpy and Dopey, Says Doc

WASHINGTON – Allergists are warning Maryland residents to brace for a “horrific” allergy season, with high pollen counts expected as a result of last year’s rains

February 6, 2004
Campaign Site Switching Leads to Tangled Web in 8th District Primary Race

WASHINGTON – Robin Ficker may be best known as a political gadfly, basketball heckler and longtime candidate — but that didn’t stop someone from appropriating his name

April 9, 2004
Casket Case Closed Too Soon in Age-Discrimination Suit, Appeals Court Rules

WASHINGTON – A federal appeals court has ordered a new hearing for a man who charged that a Baltimore casket company fired him because of his age

March 24, 2004
Dental Association Drills State Over ‘Woefully’ Inadequate Medicaid Payments

WASHINGTON – Maryland’s Medicaid program pays dentists much less than they usually charge for the 15 most-common procedures, a practice that has led to inadequate dental care for low-income children, the American Dental Association said Wednesday