March 6, 1998
`Rough Sex’ Conviction Upheld by Appellate Court

ANNAPOLIS – The Maryland Court of Special Appeals Friday upheld the conviction of a Baltimore County stable worker who raped, sexually assaulted and beat his former employer

January 23, 1998
“Potato Famine” Curriculum Plan Raises Questions, Hackles

ANNAPOLIS – The Maryland Senate will be asked to vote this week on a bill requiring that the 1845 Irish Potato Famine be taught in public schools

March 5, 1998
Appeals Court Orders Third Trial in Triple-Murder Case

ANNAPOLIS – A Maryland appeals court has again overturned the triple-murder conviction of a Prince George’s County man and ordered a new trial — his third in four years

January 29, 1998
Bill Mandating Potato Famine Lessons Passes First Test

ANNAPOLIS – The state Senate gave preliminary approval Thursday to a bill that would require that state public schools teach about the causes and effects of the Irish potato famine of 1845

February 3, 1998
Bill Targets `Social Promotion’ of Unprepared Students

ANNAPOLIS – Maryland schools need strict standards for passing students up a grade instead of using promotions “as a means of getting them out of the way,” a lawmaker argued Tuesday

April 14, 1998
Carroll Lawmakers Felt Overlooked in Rush to Help Big Counties

ANNAPOLIS – Carroll County lawmakers said Tuesday that the needs of the fast-growing county were largely ignored in an otherwise productive legislative session

March 3, 1998
Court Overturn’s Conviction of Janitor on Shaky Evidence

ANNAPOLIS – The Maryland Court of Special Appeals on Tuesday overturned the theft conviction of a Talbot County high school janitor who was accused of stealing more than $3,000 from school vending machines

March 31, 1998
Court Says Disinterment is Grave Matter, Rules Against Widow

ANNAPOLIS – The Maryland Court of Special Appeals intervened Tuesday in a feud between an Anne Arundel County woman and her mother-in-law, ruling that the woman cannot move her late husband’s body

April 17, 1998
Critics Say Community Service Ideals are Falling By Wayside

ANNAPOLIS – Faced with a state mandate to perform 75 hours of community service, students in Caroline County’s Colonel Richardson High School decided to lobby for repairs to the aging Dover Bridge

January 22, 1998
Eastern Shore Counties Present Modest School Requests

ANNAPOLIS – The biggest school construction budget in more than 20 years was on the table, but Eastern Shore officials came to Annapolis Thursday with only moderate goals