Kenneth R. Fletcher
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December 14, 2007
^Asbestos Actions Against Schools Leap, As EPA, State Tighten Enforcement

ANNAPOLIS – Environmental Protection Agency enforcement against Maryland schools for asbestos-related violations have exploded in the past year, from less than one per year from 2001 to 2006 to 16 actions since September 2006

October 12, 2007
^Biologists Attack Noxious Asian Vine by Releasing Hungry Asian Weevil

ANNAPOLIS – Scientists hope to get rid of an invasive vine that was accidentally introduced from Asia decades ago by unleashing a vine-eating bug — also from Asia

November 2, 2007
^Plan Trades on Development Rights to Give Young Farmers a Future — and a Farm

HURLOCK – Terri Wolf-King, 41, and her husband, Jeff King, 33, wanted to buy 258 acres of farmland near their Dorchester County home after they married five years ago

November 9, 2007
^Report Says State Parks in Crisis, But Could Easily Improve

ANNAPOLIS – Maryland State Parks are experiencing crumbling infrastructure, shuttered visitor’s centers and rising crime after recent funding cuts, but could become one of the top systems in the country with just a small funding increase

December 14, 2007
^School Officials Say New EPA Asbestos Rules Could Prove a Major Burden

ANNAPOLIS – Maryland school officials say they could be forced to test every single new tile, pipe or wall put into school buildings for asbestos, under new guidance on Environmental Protection Agency regulations