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February 23, 2001
Bill Proposes Couples Settle Embryo Disputes Before Their Creation

ANNAPOLIS – Married couples who wish to undergo in-vitro fertilization will have to decide who gets custody of the sperm, egg or embryo in the event of death or divorce, under a bill heard this week

April 6, 2001
Bill To Ban Genetic Discrimination Headed for Law in Maryland

ANNAPOLIS – Within five to 10 years, scientists believe they will be able to predict who might be at risk for a genetically linked disease

March 8, 2001
Bill Would Cover Breast Reconstruction for Poor Cancer Patients

ANNAPOLIS – Maryland legislators are considering a bill to provide poor, uninsured women undergoing mastectomies with coverage for breast reconstructive surgery

February 8, 2001
Bill Would Help Hard-of-Hearing Infants

ANNAPOLIS – When Emily and Scott Levin’s son was born hard of hearing, the Owings Mill couple was shocked to find that a pair of hearing aids cost about $5,000

February 21, 2001
Bill Would Protect Children’s Medical Rights

ANNAPOLIS – Parents who substitute prayer for medical treatment for their children may be subject to civil and criminal penalties under a bill repealing the religious exemption from child health and safety laws