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September 22, 2000
Board Hopes that Selling `Credits’ to Polluters Can Speed Bay Cleanup

WASHINGTON – Chesapeake Bay officials this month unveiled a proposal that would let Maryland polluters buy pollution “credits” from businesses and farms that exceed environmental standards for nutrient runoff

October 19, 2000
Congressional Incumbents Have Massive Funding Edge Over Challengers

WASHINGTON – Maryland’s congressional incumbents have raised vastly more money than their opponents and have more than twice as much cash on hand heading into the final days of the campaign

August 2, 2000
Convention Ups, Downs of Paging Republican Teens

PHILADELPHIA – Christine Davies looks the part of a Republican National Convention page in her blue blazer, ironed khaki skirt, white shirt and brown formal shoes

November 22, 2000
Farmers See Virtual Veggies, Cyber Cider, As a Way to Earn Real Money

WASHINGTON – The apples look shiny

December 15, 2000
Federal Crash Data Shows Danger of Talking Behind the Wheel May Just Be Talk

WASHINGTON – The recent high-profile manslaughter trial of a midshipman who crashed on the Capital Beltway, killing a New York couple, focused attention on the problem of people using cellular phones behind the wheel