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October 26, 2007
^How Well Do Maryland Students Do on Assessment Tests? Depends Whom You Ask

ANNAPOLIS – Maryland students might be making major progress in math and reading — but then again, they might not

November 9, 2007
^Push for Greater Budget Openness Unlikely to Survive Budget Special Session

ANNAPOLIS – While lawmakers busy themselves with tax and spending bills that involve hundreds of millions of dollars, one little-noticed proposal aims to help citizens better track government spending

December 20, 2007
^Student-Teacher Ratios Improve Statewide As Hiring Rises, Enrollment Slows

ANNAPOLIS – Maryland’s overall student-teacher ratio has improved significantly over the last 10 years, but the state still hovers in the middle of the pack when ranked against other states during that period, according to U

November 21, 2007
^Teachers, Schools, Counties Worry Over Cuts in State School Aid

ANNAPOLIS – The General Assembly’s decision to reduce expected aid to local school districts by $152 million in the next fiscal year has teachers and county officials worried that they are in for “a difficult time over the next two years

^Veto Override Gives Police Agencies a New Weapon in Their Budget Arsenals

ANNAPOLIS – While the just-ended General Assembly special session focused on bills to collect or cut hundreds of millions of dollars, Mike Canning was most focused on a measure that had about a $350 price tag