February 13, 1996
Bill Bars DNR from Setting Crab Seasons


February 22, 1996
Bill Draws Support from Dozens of Ferret Enthusiasts


March 5, 1996
Bill Sets Up Compensation Fund for Damages by Black Bears

ANNAPOLIS – Marylanders on both sides of the state’s black bear debate turned out Wednesday to support a new state fund to compensate farmers who lose crops or livestock to the bruins

January 30, 1996
Bills Propose Cost-Share Program To Get Rid of Phragmites Reed

ANNAPOLIS – If you have driven over the Kent Narrows Bridge, you have probably seen phragmites

March 21, 1996
Coldblooded Creatures Help Raise Funds for Their Natural Home

BALTIMORE – Tim Hoen sees the big picture

April 4, 1996
Court of Special Appeals Rules Against Adoptive Parents

ANNAPOLIS – In a case balancing an interstate adoption compact with the welfare of a 3-year-old child, the Maryland Court of Special Appeals on Friday overturned a lower court’s decision declaring that a Maryland couple were the lawful parents of a baby born in New York

April 2, 1996
Court of Special Appeals Rules against BFI in Zoning Case

ANNAPOLIS – The Maryland Court of Special Appeals ruled Wednesday that a Howard County zoning panel and circuit court were wrong giving Browning Ferris Inc

February 14, 1996
Court of Special Appeals Upholds Finneyfrock Murder Conviction

ANNAPOLIS – In his opening statement during the trial last year of a Baltimore County man accused of murdering his parents, a state’s attorney played a recording of gunshots to simulate the killing

February 16, 1996
Feline Licenses Spark Debate

Five Maryland counties already have it

January 24, 1996
Former State Senator Lectures on the Environment

ANNAPOLIS – Three major steps would save the Chesapeake Bay and the earth, former state Sen