Shannon Canton
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January 18, 2002
Advocates Say Drug Discount for Seniors Not Perfect, But Better Than Nothing

WASHINGTON- Maryland activists for the elderly welcome Pfizer’s new prescription drug card for low-income senior citizens, but say it will only help a fraction of those who need pharmacy coverage

February 1, 2002
Advocates Welcome Bush’s Health Care Prescription, Doubt It Will Be Filled

WASHINGTON- Maryland health advocates fear President Bush’s State of the Union promise for improved health care, including prescription drug coverage for senior citizens and tax credits for the uninsured, will be an empty one

February 6, 2002
Allfirst Bank Depositors Not Likely to Lose Their Money, Stockholders Might

WASHINGTON- Bank experts say depositors’ money is safe at AllFirst Bank, but that shareholders will likely take a hit from the suspected $750 million fraud that the bank announced Wednesday

January 23, 2002
Appeals Court Orders Review of $5 Million Penalty in Currency-Trading Scam

WASHINGTON – A federal appeals court has ordered a district court to reconsider whether a former employee of a foreign currency trading scam in Bethesda must pay $5

March 29, 2002
At Some Catholic Schools, Priest Sex Scandal Becomes Lesson in Current Events

WASHINGTON – When students at DeMatha Catholic High School in Hyattsville return from Easter vacation, the school rector will go to their religion classes and talk about the priest sexual misconduct scandal that began in Boston and hit closer to home recently