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January 21, 1997
Committee Recommends $9,000 Pay Increase for Judges

ANNAPOLIS – After more than an hour of wrangling over numbers and percentages, the state Judicial Compensation Committee Tuesday recommended a $9,000 pay increase for state judges, including chief judges

January 15, 1997
Court of Appeals Rules on Using Defendant’s Confession

ANNAPOLIS – In 1994, while trying a murder case, Baltimore City prosecutors wanted to use the confession of a Baltimore man who didn’t testify in his trial

January 16, 1997
Court Rules on State Custody of Children

ANNAPOLIS – The Maryland Court of Appeals Thursday limited the rights of parents who file late objections when the state attempts to gain custody of their children

March 4, 1997
Court Rules Workers’ Comp May Cover Post-Traumatic Stress

ANNAPOLIS – The Maryland Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday that workers may receive compensation if they developed post-traumatic stress disorder from their jobs

February 6, 1997
Delegates Debate Changing Appeal Courts’ Names

ANNAPOLIS – Citing confusion to the general public and law researchers, advocates implored lawmakers Thursday to rename Maryland’s Court of Appeals and Court of Special Appeals