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February 13, 1998
20 Years Without Parole Ruled Too Harsh for Drug Dealer

ANNAPOLIS – The Maryland Court of Appeals ruled Friday that a sentence of 20 years without parole was too harsh for a man caught with 209 grams of crack cocaine

March 12, 1998
Bills Would Ease Access to Computerized Records, Pension Data

ANNAPOLIS – Maryland’s public records laws need to be beefed up to ensure that “what’s reasonably accessible is given to us,” media representatives told a House committee Thursday

May 1, 1998
Boaters Urged to Wear Life Jackets — But Not to Tie One On

ANNAPOLIS – If you were involved in a boating accident last year, chances are it was on a July Sunday in Anne Arundel County waters while at the helm of a jet ski

February 6, 1998
Congressional Incumbents Boast Flush Bank Accounts

ANNAPOLIS – Members of Maryland’s congressional delegation are sitting on bulging election-year war chests, with five House members over $200,000 and Sen

March 20, 1998
COPS Program No Panacea, But Locals Say Thanks, Anyway

ANNAPOLIS – Its promise to put 100,000 cops on the street nationwide was somewhat misleading, its duration is limited and it has imposed unpublicized costs on local governments