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By Aaron Rosa


Presents sat unopened in her family’s Davidsonville house in April, while at Johns Hopkins Hospital her parents told her she had Ewing’s Sarcoma, a cancerous tumor growing in her stomach. The disease is so rare that only about 225 children in the United States are diagnosed each year.

The Edwards family entered a new reality of oncologists and treatments.

“It was crazy fast,” Jen Edwards said. “We were taken up to Oncology, and I was thinking, what are we doing here? There are kids with cancer here.”

“At that point we weren’t even thinking of insurance.”


(Photo by Aaron Rosa)

But as anyone who’s faced a serious illness knows, having quality, affordable insurance is critical. And as Congress wrestles with whether to repeal Obamacare, these patients worry about their future.

“The ACA was something I never paid attention to,” Jen Edwards said. “You just assume your child is never going to get sick and be healthy all their lives.”

Brian Edwards runs Hague Quality Water, a water treatment company, owned by his father, that has been in his family over 20 years. He purchased private health insurance for his five children, which cost less than what he would have to pay through work.

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