The Washington Bullpen: A look at Michael Flynn

WASHINGTON – In this week’s episode of “The Washington Bullpen,” host Kate Casey discusses one of the central figures in the scandals surrounding the Trump administration: former national security adviser Michael Flynn. The office of special counsel Robert Mueller and…

House Democrats introduce bill to combat voter suppression

On the eve of the 54th anniversary of the Selma to Montgomery marches for civil rights, House Democrats introduced a bill Tuesday aimed at returning to the federal government the authority to protect voting rights in states with histories of discriminatory practices.

Maryland’s mysterious Russian compound gathers dust, awaits its fate

CENTREVILLE, Maryland — The soccer field is still trimmed to perfection, but no Russians will be gracing the pitch anytime soon. Nor will they be staying in either of the two Georgian-style mansions or in any of the ten bungalows clustered on the 45-acre waterfront property.