Move over soccer and flag football – quirkier social sports are growing

WASHINGTON — People searching for the unique atmosphere of a sports bar in the nation’s capital have a solid chance of finding it at Buffalo Billiards. With its numerous pool tables and scores of televisions, the local bar, located on…

Ethiopian restaurants foster community in diverse Silver Spring

SILVER SPRING, Maryland – Beginning in the mid-1970s, war and political turbulence led a large number of Ethiopians to flee their home country. Many of these emigrants came to the United States, with a particularly high number settling in the…

Bartending Friends Look for Solution to Drink Spiking Problem

By Dennis Ting Capital News Service ADAMS MORGAN, WASHINGTON, D.C. – Mike Bokman and Frank Mills are bartenders and best friends who are also in the business of safety. Drink safety that is. The DrinkLock is a new invention intended…

Audience or Not, Jazz Pianist Edelman Plays On

The music coming out of his piano is almost unbearably soulful, both electrifying and soothing. At the moment, he is playing to an empty house.

D.C. Jazz Clubs Find Innovative Ways to Stay Afloat

As the traditional audience for jazz ages and moves out of the city, the district’s jazz clubs are thinking creatively to attract a growing younger population that seems to prefer other forms of entertainment.