Volunteer Easter bunny is a family tradition at Md. School for the Blind

At the Maryland school for the Blind’s traditional beeping Easter egg hunt, the role of Easter Bunny is a long-standing family tradition.

Veterans Volunteer at Kitchen to Help Feed the Homeless

At Mariam’s Kitchen, some special veterans are reaching out daily to help others as their way of saying thanks and giving a hand up to those in need. By Alanna Delfino.

Baltimore Bookstore is Giving Away Books for Free

It all started with a conversation in a bar. Now, a local bookstore is giving away books to anyone who walks through its door.

Rock ‘N Roll Cafe Provides Real World Training for Students at Md. School for the Blind

Students at Maryland School for the Blind work at Rock & Roll Cafe as a way to enhance their skills and work ethic.

How Effective Were Attack Ads In Last Night’s Election?

In last night’s election, the pubic witnessed one of the biggest upsets in Maryland’s gubernatorial race. Did political attack ads have anything to do with the results?

Veterans turn old uniforms into artwork

Combat Paper New Jersey is helping veterans turn their old military uniforms into a lasting piece of art. Nathan Lewis, leads the workshop for community members.

Meet Republican Candidate for Comptroller William Campbell

As the Maryland general election rounds the corner, Marylander’s are preparing to place their vote. CNS’TV’s Alanna Delfino introduces us to the man off the radar.

Two-year-old Girl May Be the Orioles Biggest Smallest Fan

Two-year-old Baltimore area girl may well be the Orioles smallest biggest fan.