Malted barley’s additional uses

Beer is almost as old as time, or at least the time of ancient civilizations. Ancient Greek soldier Xenophon even wrote about beer and the barley malt floating in it. Though malted barley was utilized mainly for beer back then, its products have expanded.

The Washington Bullpen, Episode 10

WASHINGTON – Host Jarod Golub discusses the California wildfires, the new Amazon headquarters, the CNN lawsuit against President Donald Trump and the Florida elections on Episode 10 of “The Washington Bullpen.”

The Washington Bullpen, Episode 4

WASHINGTON – On this week’s “Washington Bullpen” podcast, Host Jarod Golub talks about the new U.S.-Canada-Mexico trade agreement and Amazon’s minimum wage increase. Danielle Stein and Lauren Koenig from the Capital News Service broadcast bureau join to discuss Thursday’s FBI…

As ‘House of Cards’ filming nears end, Maryland pushes to be entertainment contender

ANNAPOLIS— Eduardo Sanchez is sleeping in his own bed for once. He’s taking a short break from work, but the majority of his time over the course of the next few months will be spent in Dallas, where the filmmaker…

Election-year session ends with an eye on November

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland — Overhauling state tax code in response to sweeping federal tax cuts, bolstering school safety after a shooting at a Southern Maryland high school and stabilizing health insurance markets were just a few of the myriad policy decisions the Maryland General Assembly addressed in 2018 during the 90-day legislative session.

Amazon incentive plan awaits Governor’s signature

Governor Hogan’s $8.5 billion incentive plan to help convince Amazon to build its second headquarters in Montgomery County won final legislative approval in Annapolis on Wednesday sending the bill on to the Governor for his signature.

Lawmaker proposes bill for reducing community college tuition

It’s no secret that student debt from paying for college continues to grow. The latest price tag is nearly $1-1/2 TRILLION dollars. And counting. In Annapolis, one state lawmaker is offering up a plan intended to help give students some much need financial assistance.

Which city is the best fit for the new Amazon headquarters?

Oct. 19 is the last day for cities to submit proposals for Amazon’s new headquarters. The CNS social team analyzed four different potential sites to see which would be the best fit.

Maryland competes to become the home of Amazon’s second headquarters

Early in September Amazon announced it was looking for a second headquarters in the US. Several Maryland jurisdictions say they intend to submit offers. At Wednesday’s meeting of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments officials from throughout the region discussed what could be done to make certain this area becomes the newest home to the multi-billion dollar company.

Washington bookshop is part of independent bookstores’ comeback

(Editor’s Note: Saturday, April 29, is Independent Bookstore Day.) WASHINGTON – When Capitol Hill resident Laurie Gillman learned her neighborhood independent bookstore was closing several years ago, she was devastated. “It had been here for a really long time, but…