Supreme Court hears oral arguments for Bladensburg Peace Cross case

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments on Wednesday for the Bladensburg Peace Cross, a controversial 40-foot-tall World War I monument. The prosecution says the cross is a violation of the Establishment Clause and separation of church and state. The defense argues the monument serves as a secular memorial for the fallen soldiers.

High court hears arguments over future of Bladensburg Peace Cross

WASHINGTON – Justices on the Supreme Court appeared split Wednesday during oral arguments over the constitutionality of a 40-foot Peace Cross that has stood in Bladensburg, Maryland for nearly a century. Most of the conservative-leaning justices stayed relatively quiet during…

High court to hear arguments Wednesday on Bladensburg Peace Cross

BLADENSBURG, Maryland – When Steven Lowe first saw a 40-foot cross in a median strip here 30 years ago, he was too busy to think much of it. But as he drove and biked around it during his retirement, questions…