Senate bill would allow student refusal of animal dissection

State Sen. Ronald Young, D-Frederick and Washington counties, this week proposed legislation requiring that public and nonpublic schools allow students the right to refuse to participate in or observe coursework that involves live or dead animals.

Legislation Nullifies Court’s Ruling On Dangerous Dogs

Since 2012, dog bites by pit bulls could bring harsher penalties on landlords, owners and the dogs themselves than bites from other breeds. But with the governor’s signature, that will change.

National Zoo’s Baby Panda Gets Her Public Debut

Animal lovers had to wait five excruciating months since her birth, but Bao Bao was finally put on full display in the panda house at the National Zoo. Dressed in warm coats and panda hats, fans showed up bright and early for the unveiling.

Local Animal Rescue Shelters Play Cupid, Pair Homeless Pups With Human Companions

More than 20 different rescue groups and shelters from across the Mid-Atlantic region went looking for love last Saturday, attending the fifth annual, “Camp Bow Wow Cupids and Canine‚Äôs Adopt-a-thon” to match needy pets with potential owners.

ASPCA Honors Local Woman and Cat

Mittens was named “Cat of the Year.”