Centuries-old founding documents, letter on display in Annapolis

Early and immediate newspaper printings of the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights, as well as historic engravings of the declaration, are on display at the Annapolis State House until Nov. 14, 2021.

Annapolis Latinos League provides safe space for players and spectators

Annapolis, MD- The Annapolis Latinos League was formed in 2018 by a single man, Kleber Llivichuzca. Llivichuzca created it with the intention of giving the Latino community a safe space to gather, free of drugs, alcohol and bad language.

Chesapeake Bay fate depends on many states

In recent reports by environmental groups, the Chesapeake Bay is showing mixed recovery, relying on multiple states to contribute to the health of the watershed.

Bias training bill passes in Maryland Legislature

A bill that would, among other things, mandate healthcare workers participate in implicit bias training, is on the desk of Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, R.

COVID-19 forces new ways of administering hospice care

As COVID-19 wreaked havoc in Maryland last spring, area hospice providers were forced to rethink their entire approach to delivering care; many faced exorbitantly higher operating costs.

Maryland bills aim to make it easier to vote

Multiple bills concerning voting rights are going through the Maryland Legislature this session that would codify ballot drop boxes, guarantee the right to vote for incarcerated individuals, and expand early voting centers, despite partisan disagreement.

Maryland law would promote unusual sports

House Bill 444 plans to earmark a fund for expanded recreational opportunities.

Bill adding mental health callback services advances in Md. amid COVID-19 pandemic

Aiming to alleviate the strain of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Maryland General Assembly is advancing a bill creating a powerful tool to provide residents with enhanced mental health services. SB719, also known as the Thomas Bloom Raskin Act, would require…

Bill would limit use of DNA databases to solve crimes in Maryland

Maryland lawmakers passed a bill in the House that would define when law enforcement can and cannot use the genetic information of an individual, ensure consent from the individual and establish a narrow list of crimes to which this DNA technology can be applied.

Bill would replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Maryland lawmakers discussed a bill that would replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples’ Day, considering testimony from members of the Indigenous peoples and Italian peoples who argue Columbus is a part of their heritage.