Maryland’s early and mail-in votes outpace 2016

Mail-in vote totals are around 500% higher than in 2016, and early vote numbers are up as well. That likely will not affect who Maryland picks for president this year.

Security experts question Maryland’s online ballot system

Easy access to driver’s license numbers, recent cyber crimes make Maryland’s new web-based ballot system vulnerable to hacking, some say.

Paper Ballots Make a Comeback in Maryland

The Prince George’s and Montgomery County Executives, along with the counties’ Boards of Election, introduce local voters to Maryland’s new voting machines which feature paper ballots and digital scanners.

VOTING TESTS: Coming soon to a polling site near you.

BALTIMORE – The Maryland State Board of Elections, required to find a new voting system that provides a voter-verfiable record, recently sponsored a hands-on demonstration to help the Board determine what will be used for the 2016 presidential primary election.