Hogan’s nonpublic schools funding gets ‘BOOST’ from students

Hundreds of private school students, faculty, parents and supporters piled onto Lawyers Mall on Tuesday for a rally to support Gov. Larry Hogan’s funding for nonpublic schools.

Autonomy Of Local Schools Uncertain

Local schools have struggled to remain autonomous with binding regulations coming from the state and federal education departments.

Average Maryland Teacher Sees Drop In Salary

Despite an increased workload as a result of the Common Core State Standards, Maryland teachers have seen a dip in their average salary since 2009.

NRA Aims to Arm Teachers, Personnel for School Safety

Arming teachers and other personnel is the best approach to combat gun violence in schools, the National Rifle Association reiterated Tuesday.

Maryland Places First in National Education Rankings

Maryland will not rest on its laurels, Gov. Martin O’Malley said Thursday in celebrating Maryland’s fifth, first-place, national ranking in education at one of the state’s Blue Ribbon schools.