New study finds drowsy driving bigger problem than found in earlier studies

Ever find yourself behind the wheel dozing off? You’ve got lots of company. And according to a new study the problem is worse than previously reported. A new report from Triple A finds that 10 percent of all car crashes in a recent study were due to driver drowsiness. The results come from an analysis of dashcam video taken of more than 700 crashes.

Family finds time anew after over five decades running deli

Following the sale of historic Annapolis staple Chick & Ruth’s Delly and the Scotlaur Inn, former owners Ted and Beth Levitt are more than ready to take advantage of something they never thought they’d have: time.

WEATHER DAMAGE: Auto body shops busy from potholes

The rough winter weather is producing an early bumper crop of potholes keeping motorists frustrated and body shops busy.

Metro Works to Improve Carbon Footprint

As it struggles with issues ranging from passenger safety to aging infrastructure to cash flow, Metro is rolling out a new sustainability agenda designed to reduce its carbon footprint and soften its environmental impact.

Riders Like Metro’s New 7000-Series Train

Metro has a new train on the tracks and it’s all people can talk about.

Regional Leaders Launch the Street Smart Campaign

COLLEGE PARK – Spring is officially here and so is the spring Street Smart Campaign. Law enforcement officials will be on the lookout to ensure that traffic safety laws are followed.

Trekking Through the District: Popular Transportation Apps

The District is full of people who are constantly on the move. With no shortage of transportation options and 64 percent of residents who are plugged into their smartphones, your mobile device can make getting around more convenient.

Lawmakers Weigh Creation of Task Force on Self-Driving Vehicles

Public Officials, Industry Representatives Would Develop Best Practices

Ports Officials Support New Funding for Property to Hold Material Dredged from Harbor

Motor Vehicles Administration supports “move over” law; Maryland Transportation Authority investigates electronic tolls

Senators Try Again to Ban Smoking with Kids in Car

Maryland senators want those who smoke in cars with children under 8 to be fined $50. Proponents and opponents presented their cases in a hearing on Thursday before the Judicial Proceedings Committee.