Listeria outbreak in Mexican-style soft cheese prompts recall

An ongoing listeria outbreak in Queso Fresco, Quesilla and Requeson cheeses threatens 26 states on the East Coast and the Midwest, with at least four positive cases and one death in Maryland. Currently, the source is believed to be from El Abuelito Cheese Inc., which has recalled the cheeses listed above, while the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration continue to investigate.

As Maryland reports three virus cases, officials seek to calm public and trace contacts

WASHINGTON – In the wake of three Maryland residents testing positive for coronavirus, officials sought to calm the public Friday as test kits were delivered across the country and more people in the state were being tested for possible exposure.…

Summit highlights racial disparities in maternal care

WASHINGTON – Racial disparities in health care in America continues to present much greater health risks to black women and babies, according to participants at the National Maternal and Infant Health Summit. More than 700 women die each year due…

House pushes four bills to improve maternal health

WASHINGTON – House Democrats are pushing four bills to improve maternal health in an attempt to counter the country’s rising maternal mortality and morbidity rates. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the maternal mortality rate in the…

Maryland will make smoking and vaping age 21

State legislation will increase the smoking age to 21 as well as reclassify all vape products and accessories as tobacco products.

The Washington Bullpen, Episode 6

WASHINGTON – On this week’s episode of the “Washington Bullpen” podcast, host Jarod Golub talks about the outbreak of acute flaccid myelitis that’s been the focus of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the New York Times report on Jared…

Md. health officials call for drug affordability legislation

Spikes joined a throng of Maryland health officials, faith leaders and proponents in Annapolis Wednesday to call on elected officials to pass legislation that would control the rising cost of prescription drugs.

Cardin Seeks to Hike Federal Spending for Better Drinking Water

Inspired by the lead poisoning crisis in Flint, Mich., Maryland Sen. Ben Cardin introduced legislation to increase spending on the country’s water systems and improve lead testing.

Van Hollen, Senators Seek Repeal of Gun Industry Shield Law

Van Hollen and Democratic senators seek to repeal a 10-year-old gun liability shield law.

Flu Is Around the Corner, So Experts Urge Marylanders to Get Their Shots

Flu vaccines expected to provide better protection this flu season