Maryland senators vote against DeVos confirmation

WASHINGTON – Elisabeth “Betsy” DeVos on Tuesday was confirmed narrowly by the Senate as the secretary of education after Vice President Mike Pence cast an historic, tie-breaking vote, but Maryland’s two senators opposed her, warning she was not qualified. Maryland…

Maryland Schools Feel Pull Between GOP Governor, Democratic Majority

Gov. Hogan and Democrat legislators push education priorities – charter schools and K-12 funding, respectively – as 2015 legislative session comes to a close.

U.S. Postal Service Inspires Kids to Write

April is National Card and Letter Writing month. The United States Postal Service celebrated by issuing a new Forever stamp inspiring kids at the Friendship Public Charter School in D.C. to personalize their heart-felt messages.

Maryland Charter Schools Push for Independence; State Laws Keep Control With Local School Boards

Maryland’s public charter schools feel stifled under current state laws that keep them under the authorization and governance of local school boards, but the creation of separate charter school boards could cost taxpayers and students much more.

Catholic schools see new life as public charter schools

At first glance, visitors to Tunbridge Public Charter School in Baltimore might confuse it with a Catholic school. The outside of the building is adorned with stained glass windows, stone archways and a cornerstone inlaid with a cross. But on the inside, the school looks like many other public schools.