Facebook needs regulation, experts say, but they see roadblocks

Some are skeptical that lawmakers will act and, if they do, whether the pace of policy can parallel the ever-changing technology.

Maryland bill strives to limit minors’ access to firearms

With amendments underway, a bill in the Maryland General Assembly looks to change the language of an existing law in order to reduce the risk of minors’ access to guns.

Md. youths needing psychiatric care find long waits, drives

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland — The first time Jeannine LeMieux’s daughter was hospitalized for a psychotic episode, she was only 8 years old. LeMieux took her daughter to a hospital emergency room near her home on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, where it was…

Local effort aims at tackling the problem of juvenile fire starters

Kids have long had a fascination with fire. Most learn to respect it and the damage it can cause. But, there are some who don’t and, at times, it comes with tragic results. Local experts say while it’s difficult to track the numbers, their anecdotal evidence indicates there’s an increasing number of girls involved in an activity that was once primarily associated with males.

Local author on the challenges to becoming a children’s book author

While the controversy continues over Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh’s nearly one million dollar book scandal, local children’s book author Priscilla Cummings has been writing books for kids for over 30 years after her career as a journalist. Cummings says the road to publishing can be very bumpy.

Gaithersburg Elementary School participates in National Walk to School Day

Students at Gaithersburg Elementary School in Montgomery County took part in National Walk to School Day, an event highlighting the health, environmental and safety benefits that come with walking to school.

Physical activity report shows poor health for children

WASHINGTON — Children in the United States are not getting as much physical activity as they should be according to a newly released 2018 report card.

Maryland lawmaker wants state funding eliminated for artificial turf fields and playgrounds

Montgomery County Senator Roger Manno is sponsoring legislation that would end state funding for artificial turf surfaces around Maryland. Manno says there is sufficient concern about possible health risks associated with artificial turf that the state has a responsibility to do something about it.

Governor Larry Hogan commits $175 million to increase school safety

Following the tragic shooting in Parkland, Florida, Governor Larry Hogan says he wants to make sure that something like that never happens in Maryland.

Threats made against Maryland schools increase following Parkland massacre

In the wake of the massacre of 17 students and teachers at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, a number of school systems in Maryland are reporting a spike in threats. Anne Arundel County is among them. Still, the county’s school administration and teacher’s union question the call for some instructors to be armed while on school grounds.