Maryland businesses on display at local culinary festival

A variety of vendors, including several from Maryland, came together to share different kinds of food and alcohol at the Chocolate, Wine & Whiskey Festival in Washington, D.C. on Saturday.

Valentine’s Day’s roots are more than candy and roses

Roses, chocolates and cards are how we celebrate Valentine’s Day today, but that isn’t how it was celebrated in A.D. 269. Saint Valentine was known for bringing lovers together but was eventually martyred for it. February 14, the day of his death, is now what we know as Valentine’s Day.

Majority of Americans hope to receive chocolate on Valentine’s Day

According to the National Confectioners Association, most Americans want to receive chocolate on Valentine’s Day.

Kids talk: Valentine’s Day

Kids give their thoughts on what makes for a good Valentine’s Day gift

How Long Will Halloween Candy Last?

Here’s a breakdown of Halloween candy shelf life.

Baltimore Berger Cookies Could Change or Disappear with Trans Fat Ban

Bakery owner said they would attempt to change the recipe or “go out of business”

Local Chocolatier Introduces Science to the Art of Chocolate Making

For the past seven years, McGlinchey, 59, has been the owner of Cacao Lorenzo, a fine chocolate boutique shop in suburban Dulaney Valley.