Taxes on digital ads, cigarettes among Maryland House veto overrides

The Maryland House of Delegates overrode Thursday a slew of bills that Gov. Larry Hogan vetoed in May 2020 –– including legislation that would impose a tax on digital advertising revenues and raise taxes on tobacco products.

Franchot announces largest tobacco bust in agency history

Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot on Wednesday announced the agency’s largest tobacco bust ever, resulting in over $450,000 worth of seized contraband tobacco products.

Legislative roundup: Oyster recycling; tobacco; female inmate health services

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland — The Maryland Senate on Thursday unanimously passed a bill that would further incentivize oyster shell recycling. “This bill continues to promote a very viable shell recovery program that’s been in existence for five years,” said Sen. Stephen…

Maryland Colleges Join National Movement to Snuff Out Student Smoking

About one-third of Maryland colleges and universities have decided to clear the air and ban smoking on campus.

Senators Try Again to Ban Smoking with Kids in Car

Maryland senators want those who smoke in cars with children under 8 to be fined $50. Proponents and opponents presented their cases in a hearing on Thursday before the Judicial Proceedings Committee.

Tax Increase to Prevent Teen Use of Cigarillos and Smokeless Tobacco

After a push from Baltimore high school students, Maryland government and health officials increased the tax on cigarillos and smokeless tobacco to discourage teen use.