Washington Bullpen podcast: “I had to stand up” – Politics and sports in the nation’s capital

GAITHERSBURG, Maryland — Ray Schoenke remembers driving through the night from Cleveland to Maryland to make it in time for the practice for Washington’s NFL team in the morning. It was 1966, and he had just been cut from the…

New teams are economic boost to some cities, including Washington and Baltimore

WASHINGTON – If you listen closely enough during the summer months in Washington’s Navy Yard neighborhood, you might hear the crack of a bat smashing a baseball and a roaring crowd through the sound of jackhammers and drills. The home…

Belichick vs. Lombardi: Comparing Patriots’ longtime leader to a coaching legend

When Charley Casserly examines the New England Patriots, the former longtime NFL general manager sees a scheme so comprehensive and inclusive that coach Bill Belichick can succeed with almost any player.

Can the Baltimore Ravens Win Without Joe Flacco?

The Baltimore Ravens may have won 16-13 during Sunday’s matchup with the St. Louis Rams but they suffered a major loss when quarterback Joe Flacco tore both his ACL and MCL.

Can the Baltimore Ravens Recover After a 1-5 Record?

The Baltimore Ravens are making mistakes after mistakes, which will cost them in the long run. Can they come back with a 1-5 record?

Baltimore Ravens Injuries May Affect Matchup Against Cleveland Browns

New faces may be seen from the Baltimore Ravens during Sunday’s matchup with Cleveland Browns due to Baltimore’s string of injuries.

Washington and Fellow Underdogs Succeed in Wacky Week 2

In the NFL’s history, never have the teams from Cleveland, Jacksonville, Oakland, Tampa Bay and Washington all won on the same day…until this weekend.

Browns Fans in Maryland Won’t Share Ravens Super Bowl Success

Seventeen years after the Cleveland Browns relocated to Baltimore, local Browns fans still refuse to support the Ravens even as their friends around them celebrate their success.