Annapolis marks stop number one for nationwide public hearings on offshore drilling

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland — Annapolis was the first of many stops for a public hearing on Tuesday about the recent offshore drilling plan proposed by the Trump administration. Opponents and supporters took part in the hearing hosted by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management.…

Hundreds protest White House DACA decision

Hundreds of Maryland “Dreamers” joined a rally in front of the White House Tuesday to protest the Trump administration’s decision to rescind DACA–Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

Top Metro Official Answers Senators’ Questions

Metro general manager Paul Wiedefeld met with both Maryland and Virgina’s U.S. Senators. The senators questioned why Metro had a system-wide shut down last month and what Metro’s plans are moving forward.

Board of Public Works Approves State Funding for Purple Line

The Board of Public Works votes 3-0 to fund the state’s share of Metro’s Purple Line.

Student Organization Provides Tax Assistance

A group of students from the University of Maryland guides people through the process of preparing tax returns.

SPECIAL COINS: The National Park Service Marks Its 100th Anniversary

The National Park Service is celebrating a monumental milestone with a limited release of a commemorative collection of special coins.

Crafting: Woodworkers spend the year making Christmas toys

The season of giving never ends for a group of retirees who keep the Christmas spirit living on throughout the year.

Maryland’s Women back-to-back B1G 10 Basketball Champs

The Maryland women’s basketball team celebrated their back-to-back B1G 10 Tournament Championships with their fans in College Park.

Maryland activist find ways to participate in early primaries

Maryland’s presidential primary isn’t until April 26th. But, instead of remaining on the sideline, Maryland activists from both parties are doing everything they can to impact the election.

Special Bridal Sale Results from Embezzler’s Conviction

The General Services Administration and the U.S. Marshals hosted a special bridal sale near BWI airport to help raise money for a non-profit organization in D.C.