Steny Hoyer and Democrats press Senate to remove Confederate statues

House Majority Leader, Steny Hoyer, D-Mechanicsville, is leading a group of Maryland Democrats in pressuring the Senate into removing statues of Confederate politicians, soldiers and white supremacists.

Maryland law would ban hate symbols in public schools

House bill specifically names Confederate flags, swastikas and nooses to be disallowed.

Bill to repeal Maryland state song advancing in Legislature

A bill that would repeal Maryland’s state song “Maryland, My Maryland!” on the grounds it contains offensive and outdated language is advancing in the Legislature this week.

Legacy of slavery, segregation influences debate over removing Confederate statue in Maryland

When residents here describe their town, they describe a paradise. There’s no crime and everyone—black and white—gets along in neighborhoods just a few miles from the banks of the Eastern Shore’s Tred Avon River in Talbot County.

Black pastors, Confederate descendants share Civil War history in Tennessee town

LEESBURG, Virginia — Gertrude Evans, 70, was born into the Jim Crow South and lived through the rocky integration of Leesburg when firemen filled a swimming pool with cement and garbage rather than permit its integration.

Maryland Sons of Confederates Veterans officers say Civil War not about slavery

CATONSVILLE, Maryland — A huge Confederate flag flies above the family home of retired Air Force Lt. Col. John P. Zebelean III. In the yard is a redbud tree grown from a cutting of one belonging to Gen. Robert E. Lee. A cat named Sherman, after the famous Union general, mills about.