The Washington Bullpen: A look at the Mueller report

WASHINGTON – In this episode of “The Washington Bullpen,” host Kate Casey examines Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report, which was released Thursday.

Maryland lawmakers blister Trump acts in Mueller report, stop shy of impeachment call

Maryland’s Democratic lawmakers on Thursday expressed outrage at President Donald Trump’s conduct detailed in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report but stopped short of saying whether Congress should initiate impeachment proceedings.

Democrats seek billions of dollars with small Wall Street tax

Congressional Democrats have proposed legislation to establish a tax on Wall Street transactions that would generate billions of dollars in revenue.  

Cummings seeks answers on Trump administration’s response to drug crisis

Maryland 7th District Congressman Elijah Cummings, chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, criticizes Trump administration’s response to the drug crisis during a hearing with the head of the Office of National Drug Control Policy.

Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen testifies before House Oversight Committee

Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen testified under oath on Wednesday before a public hearing held by the House Oversight Committee on Capitol Hill. Cohen talked about President Donald Trump’s role in a number of alleged improper activities both before and after his election. Cohen was scheduled to testify behind closed doors on Thursday before the House Intelligence Committee.

Maryland lawmakers back sweeping education overhaul plan

WASHINGTON – Maryland’s congressional delegation has voiced strong support for a sweeping plan to reform the state’s educational system. The Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education has been investigating how to improve Maryland’s public schools for more than two…

House Democrats introduce bill to combat voter suppression

On the eve of the 54th anniversary of the Selma to Montgomery marches for civil rights, House Democrats introduced a bill Tuesday aimed at returning to the federal government the authority to protect voting rights in states with histories of discriminatory practices.

A Look at the D.C. Women’s March 2019: Photo Gallery
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Cummings, Sanders propose bills to reduce drug prices

Maryland 7th Congressional District Representative Elijah Cummings and Vermont U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, along with other Capitol Hill legislators, introduce three bills that aim to fight the rising cost of prescription drugs.

More District residents learning about new end-of-life law

WASHINGTON – More than a year after a controversial end-of-life law went into effect in the District of Columbia, advocacy groups say they are now seeing a higher public response to its efforts to ensure city residents know the law…