Potter fans cast the next live-action Disney flick

In response to Disney’s live-action “Beauty and the Beast” remake starring Emma Watson, fans at D.C. PotterCon fancast which Potter alum they could see starring in a live-action Disney remake.

Democrats, Republicans Reach Out to Women Voters

Women voters were the target of much of the rhetoric at the Republican and Democratic conventions in the past two weeks.

Democratic Convention Roll Call Evokes Strong Emotions

States nominate President Barack Obama as Democratic candidate Wednesday night.

Maryland Casts Delegates for Obama

Maryland delegates were still crowing about President Bill Clinton’s Wednesday night speech at their breakfast meeting Thursday.

Democrats Move Obama Speech Indoors With Bad Weather Looming

Some speculate on Democrats’ motives for location change.

Charlotte’s Banking Reputation Prompts ‘March on Wall Street South’ at DNC

Protesters kicked off the convention week with a rally and march through the home of Bank of America.

Wind and Rain Don’t Stop Maryland Delegate Tour of Tampa

While the forecast changed Monday’s convention plans, the Maryland delegation spent some of the day touring historic Ybor City. Some also attended a welcome party Sunday night held at Tropicana Field.

Storify: Maryland Delegates at the GOP Convention

With the weather in Tampa no longer an issue, the Maryland delegation is off to a busy start at the Republican National Convention.

Maryland Tea Partiers Want Focus on Fiscal Issues

Maryland tea party supporters will try to use this week’s Republican National Convention to shift the focus from social issues to their message of fiscal responsibility.