COVID on Campus: Student experiences in quarantine

In 2020, COVID-19 spread across the country and impacted all ways of life. College life significantly changed in the United States due to the coronavirus, changing higher education and social life. We talked to students across the U.S. about their experiences in quarantine during their Fall 2020 term. Explore the map in the video to hear their stories.

For area libraries and patrons, pandemic has meant a whole new story

Since the closure of many businesses and operations in March, many libraries in both the District of Columbia and Maryland have reopened and are now running at limited capacity.

Live music venues struggle to survive as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on

WASHINGTON — In the spring of 2010, Sandra Basanti and her husband, Stevie McKeever, opened up the Pie Shop, a small, live-music venue and restaurant located in this city’s H Street corridor. At first, they only sold pies, but soon…

UMD student in quarantine/isolation housing for up to 19 days

University of Maryland student Sam Chuzin received a positive test result from a rapid test last week and was sent to quarantine housing with other COVID-19-positive students. When his PCR test came back negative, however, he was sent to isolation housing and must stay there for another week because he was exposed during his time in quarantine.