Investigation underway into shooting and SUV crash at NSA’s entrance

Three people are in custody after an SUV crashed Wednesday morning into the entrance of the National Security Agency headquarters. The FBI says shots were fired at the SUV as a result of the crash. The FBI is leading the investigation to determine the reason behind the crash.

Revoking Parental Rights In Cases of Sexual Assault

Maryland lawmakers are now considering whether someone who has either been convicted or suspected of sexual assault or rape should be denied access to a child resulting from the alleged offense.

Bills Would Require More Transparency, Accountability From Maryland Law Officers

Bills Would Strengthen Review Process for Misconduct, Introduce Body Cameras

Advocates Call for Bill to Revoke Parental Rights of Men Accused of Conceiving Child Through Rape

Rape Survivor Family Protection Act Has Failed in the Past Despite Broad Support

Delegate to Propose Bill to Expedite and Clarify Child Custody Cases

Maryland Delegate Kathleen Dumais’ bill calls on judges to explain their decisions in child custody cases