Gubernatorial Candidates Run The Gamut On Views About Marijuana

The seven major candidates vying to replace Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley in 2015 expressed a broad range of views on marijuana decriminalization and legalization.

Tax Reform and Green Energy Take Forefront in Candidates’ Economic Platforms

From shrinking the corporate income tax to creating a chicken-litter-to-fuel facility, Maryland’s candidates for governor have strikingly different plans to make the state a better place to do business.

Gubernatorial Candidates Split on Minimum Wage

When Gov. Martin O’Malley claimed a minimum wage increase as his top priority of the 2014 legislative session, his final as governor, he sparked a firestorm of debate between lawmakers in Annapolis and the handful of candidates fighting to succeed him.

O’Malley Plans No Tax Increases for Marylanders in 2015 Budget

Gov. Martin O’Malley boasts optimistic job creation efforts and spending cuts for the state in his 2015 budget despite heavy Republican opposition.

Democrats Focus on Pre-K Expansion in Gubernatorial Race

Democratic candidates for the governor’s mansion are making the education of Maryland’s youngest citizens a priority, calling for expanded pre-K schooling

Gingrich Targets Gas Tax Increase During Maryland Visit

One week before the state’s primary elections, Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich criticized Maryland lawmakers considering a statewide gas tax increase during a visit to Annapolis Tuesday morning.