Governor Larry Hogan sworn in for second term

For the first time since 1955 Maryland Larry Hogan on Wednesday became the first Republican to be sworn in for back-to-back terms as governor.

Maryland lawmakers share their post-session plans

COLLEGE PARK, Maryland — After three months of legislating, the 2017 Maryland General Assembly session ended Monday at midnight. The end of the session is formally known as “Sine Die,” which is Latin for “without day.” Basically, it means “no scheduled follow-up.”  And…

Unable to Revive Gasping Campaign, Carson Drops Out

Dr. Ben Carson, the last presidential candidate with Maryland ties, ends his quest for the White House.

State Senator Proposes Hit-and-Run Alert System; Dogs in Dangerous Weather

Two Former Delegates Sworn In To Senate

Meet Maryland’s Democratic Convention Delegates

An interactive guide to Maryland’s delegates to the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte

Steele Attacks MSNBC, Fires Up Maryland Delegates

The former GOP chairman and current MSNBC political analyst said his network colleagues’ ideology “is whack.”

Storify: Maryland Delegates at the GOP Convention

With the weather in Tampa no longer an issue, the Maryland delegation is off to a busy start at the Republican National Convention.

With Republican Primary Race Undecided, Maryland Finally Matters

The Republican presidential primary has become a dog fight for delegates to the August convention, putting Maryland in an unfamiliar situation — it actually matters.