Coronavirus update: Deaths soar, supplies remain short, convention rescheduled

WASHINGTON —  The federal government offered increased financial aid to communities Thursday as states continued pleading for more medical equipment to address the novel coronavirus in preparation for the pandemic’s peak. Over 234,460 cases and almost 5,650 deaths were confirmed…

This is what happens to votes after a candidate withdraws from the Democratic presidential primary

Absentee ballots, early voting and mail-in only elections have been expanded with the intention of increasing voter turnout and making voting more accessible. In a highly contested and fast-moving race such as the Democratic presidential primary, there are unintended consequences.

Vendor Jetset Hudson Stands Out at DNC

Outside the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, many vendors were selling T-shirts, buttons and posters. But Jetset Hudson stood out with his outrageously patriotic costume.

Montgomery County Volunteers Gather to Watch Obama Acceptance Speech

President Obama’s acceptance speech Thursday night fired up some local campaign volunteers who were already busy working for an Obama win in November.

Md. Delegates Inspired by President Obama’s Speech

“It was inspirational,” said Sen. Ben Cardin, D-Md. “I think he laid it out very clearly the choice Americans must make in November, and if you really are concerned about the priorities for our children, and fairness in this country, and opportunity, the choice is clear, Barack Obama.”

Timeline: President Obama’s Most Notable Speeches

President Obama has given many speeches in his career as a politician and tonight’s speech will be one of his biggest to date. Here is a timeline highlighting his past notable speeches.

Obama for Sale Outside Democratic Convention

While the Time Warner Arena may be abuzz with politics this week, the streets of Charlotte are no less politically charged.

Storify: Maryland’s Reaction To Clinton’s Speech

Bill Clinton took the stage Wednesday night to support the president. Here’s what the Republicans and Democrats from Maryland thought of the speech.

O’Malley Drops Politics for a Guitar

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley and his band O’Malley’s March performed in Charlotte Wednesday.

Gov. Martin O’Malley Shines in Convention Role

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley used his prime-time slot at the Democratic National Convention Tuesday to make the case for Obama’s record on jobs and the economy.