Maryand is trying to limit bear-human conflict

As Maryland black bears emerge from hibernation, the state’s Wildlife and Heritage Service is warning people to keep food tucked away to avoid attracting them.

Black bear hunt numbers up with growing population

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland — Starting with a chance in a lottery, black bear hunting in Maryland can be a long process. After winning a license, carefully choosing a location and days outside hunting the bear, the payout can sometimes be as…

A not-so happy Halloween for Maryland’s struggling bat population

Halloween is known as one of the spookiest times of the year, filled with witches, ghosts, and scattering bats. But Maryland’s flapping, black creatures may be less prevalent this year, like years in the recent past.

Maryland could be banned from dredging Man O’ War Shoal

Legislation could ban the Department of Natural Resources from dredging oyster shells from the Man O’ War Shoal. This would directly counteract the Department of Natural Resources’ proposed Man O’ War Shoal Dredging Project, which would use the old shells recovered from the reef to establish new oyster habitats in the Chesapeake Bay’s tributaries.

Natural Resources Dept. may regulate cownose-ray killing contests

The Department of Natural Resources plans to take pending state legislation to temporarily halt the contest-fishing of cownose rays and public comments about banning cownose ray tournaments in Maryland into consideration when it creates regulation to further administer the contests, according to a department representative.

Lawmakers seek to protect bee colonies from bears

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland – House lawmakers and Western Maryland beekeepers are seeking protection for apiarists who use deadly force to protect their bee colonies from black bears. Currently, using deadly force against black bears in defense of livestock is legal, but…

Maryland Hunters Meet With Lawmakers in Annapolis to Discuss Baiting, Hunting Season Rules

Legislators Are Working on Bills to Ease Strict Liability Standard for Baiting, Extend Seasons

Permits Allow Hunting on Maryland Farmers’ Fields to Control Crop-Eating Deer

Year-round hunting is possible through Deer Management Permits for farms with damaged crops.

Bill to study effects of acidification in bay passes

The General Assembly passed a bill this week that would create a task force to evaluate effects of acidification in the Chesapeake Bay and other state waters and make recommendations on how to address the issue.

Seafood Labeling Legislation Could Pose Problems For Maryland Restaurants

Legislation proposed in the House to impose tighter regulations on seafood labeling could prove costly and impractical for Maryland restaurants.