Md. bill seeks to prohibit using DNA databases to solve crime

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland — After police used a new technique to arrest a man suspected of being the Golden State Killer, a Maryland legislator proposed a law that would prohibit use of a familial DNA database for the purpose of crime-solving.…

Md. police use DNA tool to identify the dead, find suspects

A recently developed DNA tool has already led to a murder charge in Maryland. Police think it will be useful in investigations to come.

One Million Veterans to be Focus of Federal Disease Research Project

Mega bio-bank under construction to study how genes affect veterans’ health.

DNA Evidence Brings Hope, Truth – But Only If Tested; Some Maryland Jurisdictions Slow to Report Findings

DNA evidence can free a man from death row, but some local law enforcement agencies aren’t following state rules on DNA evidence reporting.

Home Genetic Testing Faces Legal Hurdle in Maryland

With the cost of DNA sequencing dropping rapidly, hundreds of thousands of Americans are taking in-home genetic tests to learn their risk of developing certain diseases. But Maryland residents have largely missed out on the opportunity.

U.S. Supreme Court Hears Arguments Over Maryland DNA Case

WASHINGTON. — The U.S. Supreme Court will decide a Maryland case involving the police and their right to take DNA samples following an arrest.

Student CSI: Metro Area Students Prepare for Jobs in Forensic Science

Students from throughout the metropolitan Washington area tried their hand at solving crime and found it’s much different than what’s portrayed by television crime scene investigators.

Supreme Court May Examine Maryland DNA Collection Law

At least three issues before the Supreme Court this term could have an impact on Maryland law.

Missing Vietnam Soldiers Laid to Rest

It was a final goodbye just in time for Veterans Day, almost 40 years in the making.