Maryland researchers are testing drones for public safety use

Researchers from the University of Maryland Unmanned Aircraft System Test Site are looking into the public safety uses for drones. After simulating a medical delivery across the Chesapeake Bay this summer, the researchers tested a drone that drops a life vest at a safety conference in Laurel.

Drones Are Cutting Costs for One Maryland Service

Corporate drone companies are lining up to register their businesses for possible profit.

Insects Help Scientists Design and Build Smaller Drones

Inside the University of Maryland’s Autonomous Vehicle Laboratory is an unusual combination of insects, drones, and drones that look like insects.

Maryland Joins with Neighboring States in Bid to Become FAA Drone Testing Site

The University of Maryland is joining with Rutgers University and Virginia Tech University in a bid to become a testing site for civilian drones.

The Drones Are Here, Regulators Struggle To React

As drones have become more affordable, a subculture of hobbyists and would-be entrepreneurs has emerged. Lawmakers and regulators, struggling to reconcile the benefits with the potential dangers of the technology, are caught playing catch-up.