Preparedness is key to mitigating upcoming hurricane damage, experts say

WASHINGTON – Effective hurricane forecasts, greener construction practices and individual preparedness are keys to mitigating hurricane damage in the coming years, according to experts. In a press conference at the National Press Club Tuesday, Gerry Bell, a climate change specialist…

NTSB Makes Urgent Recommendations Following Deadly L’Enfant Plaza Smoke Incident

The National Transportation Safety Board issued urgent recommendations Wednesday for Metro to improve its ventilation procedures in the wake of the deadly smoke incident in the tunnel at L’Enfant Plaza in January.

People Stocking Up for Upcoming Winter Storm

A winter storm is once again in the forecast, drawing Takoma Park residents to the local hardware store to gear up for another battle with Old Man Winter.

State Employees Participate in Nationwide Earthquake Response Drill

Simulation designed to prepare people for next natural disaster.

Local Emergency Response Center Preparing for Next Weather Crisis

Montgomery County’s 911 call center looks to avoid mistakes made during the derecho.

Disaster Drill Tests DC Area’s Emergency Responders

Maryland Fire and Rescue, Emergency Response Service and more than a dozen Maryland hospitals take part in Capital Shield 2012, a full-scale test of the region’s ability to respond to a mass casualty terrorist attack.

DC Tries to Prepare for Future Emergencies

What did you do when the earthquake struck in August? The 5.9 magnitude quake shook much of the area and even cracked the Washington monument.

University of Maryland Police Defend Tornado Warnings

University of Maryland police defended their decision on Friday to send out three urgent alerts that a tornado could hit the campus within minutes.