Vaccine Hunters take control of appointment search

Residents disgruntled by tumultuous vaccine rollout and inability to book appointments collaborate through a booming Facebook group called Maryland Vaccine Hunters.

Presidential Campaigns are using social media ads to engage young voters

COLLEGE PARK, Maryland – Social media advertisements are one of the ways the presidential candidates are reaching young voters, in an effort to engage them in the election process. We spoke with young voters about if these ads are working…

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg discusses new cryptocurrency Libra before House Financial Committee

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was on Capitol Hill providing testimony to the House Financial Committee for several hours to discuss Libra, the cryptocurrency project that Facebook plans to launch next year. But just minutes into the testimony, it became clear that the committee would press Zuckerberg on more than just cryptocurrency. CNS-TV’s Cam Hasbrouck reports.

Jealous’ Facebook audience smaller, more active than Hogan’s

Capital News Service analyzed data from Larry Hogan and Ben Jealous’ Facebook campaign pages from June 26 through Sept. 24.

The Washington Bullpen, Episode 11

WASHINGTON – On this week’s episode of “The Washington Bullpen,” hosts Julia Karron and Jarod Golub discuss the FBI raids on Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s office and residences, House Speaker Paul Ryan’s decision not to seek reelection, and Facebook CEO…

Zuckerberg says government regulation of social media “inevitable”

WASHINGTON – After deflecting questions about the issue in the Senate the previous day, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told a House panel Wednesday that government regulation of social media is “inevitable.” But he told the House Energy and Commerce Committee…

The Washington Bullpen, Episode 9

In episode 9 of “The Washington Bullpen,” CNS reporters Jarod Golub and Julia Karron discuss the March For Our Lives, Stormy Daniels’ appearance on “60 Minutes” and Mark Zuckerberg’s potential appearance at congressional hearings due to the Cambridge Analytica data…

At some schools, Redskins are gone, but not forgotten

Several high schools have gone through official name changes to drop the Redskins mascot. Some schools continue to cling to the name.

At Redskins high schools, students show pride in mascot

Some high schools that use the Redskins mascot show their pride by showcasing their sports teams, players and students. Others use more contentious imagery.

Puerto Rico Maria Updates: How a Facebook community served as a lifeline for families

Puerto Rico Maria Updates, now a thriving Facebook community, was started by Patricia Pichardo after Hurricane Maria.