Lawmakers weigh integrating services to break poverty cycle

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland — To end multi-generational poverty, state and local agencies should integrate services such as early childhood development, temporary cash assistance and mental health programming, a governor-mandated commission told lawmakers Tuesday.

Religious leaders gather in Annapolis to support earned sick leave
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Underwater Pumpkin Carving at National Aquarium Aims to Help Children Understand Importance of ‘Scary’ Animals

Families flocked to the National Aquarium in Baltimore for its “Hallowmarine” celebration

Enrollment in Afterschool Programs Up Nationally; Maryland Lags

Maryland lags behind the 2014 national averages for children enrolled in afterschool programs, according to a survey commissioned by the Afterschool Alliance.

Maryland Stands Out With High Percentage of Women Managers

Stephanie Cohen, CEO of Golden & Cohen, a Gaithersburg-based insurance brokerage firm, for 23 years, and Ann Mitchell, CEO of Montgomery Hospice in Rockville for 14 years, are the facts behind the statistics: More women in Maryland worked as managers relative to other states in 2010.

Families- The Hidden Faces of Homelessness

MiMi Ramos, a single mother of three, recently bought her family’s first home in Silver Spring. For the Ramoses, a formerly homeless family, this purchase was an especially meaningful milestone.