DC making moves to tackle food insecurity among low income residents

Washington – DC Health partnered with FRESHFARM to provide fresh produce to low income residents through Produce Plus,¬† a supplemental assistance program overseen by DC Health. Beginning this summer, FRESHFARM will manage the program to connect local farmers and vendors…

Maryland’s state sport of jousting stands the test of time

JEFFERSON, Md. — Governor Tawes named jousting the official state sport of Maryland in 1962. ¬†Though it has faced competition from other sports like lacrosse and bowling, one group of dedicated jousters is keeping it alive by making part of…

Maryland Woman Saves Her Family’s Farm Thanks To Some Special Animals

Angel Forbes Simmons is determined to keep her family’s farm running and some special animals are helping her do it.

Fresh, Locally Grown Food the Goal for New University Initiative

There’s just something about homegrown fruits and vegetables that make them taste better. And thanks to a new sustainable farming operation, students at the University of Maryland can get fresh, local produce even when they’re away at school.

Healthy Eats-From the Farm to the Cafeteria

Maryland ranks fifth in the country when it comes to serving local produce in schools.

Growing Algae Could Clean the Chesapeake Bay and Create Biofuel

Typically, algae hurt the bay because they contribute to dead zones, oxygen depleted areas harmful to aquatic life. But by growing fields of algae in a controlled system, the tiny plants can clean water while creating a feedstock for biofuel.

Students Celebrate the Agritourism Season in Baltimore County

Maryland farmers joined with hundreds of elementary school kids and state officials at a farm in Baltimore County on Tuesday to kick off the state’s fall agritourism season.

Legal Battle Rages Over Mont. County Farmland

The rolling green hills of Potomac seemingly never end, but Montgomery County officials believe the area is still missing some greenery: soccer fields. They’ve decided to build them on a 20-acre plot of land that a local farmer has leased for the last 30 years.