New Anne Arundel County agritourism law allows local farms to expand use of property

Now that Anne Arundel County has a new agritourism law allowing farmers to open their fields to corn mazes, fishing and other types of events, one local farm is now open for business in a whole new way.

Howard County Executive swaps job as part of Farm-City Celebration

Howard County Executive Allan Kittleman learned what it was like to walk a day in someone else’s shoes. That someone was the executive director of Days End Farm Horse Rescue. The job switch was part of the county’s 14th annual Farm-City Celebration that runs through October 8.

Big Chicken is still king on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, but can solar and aquaculture make economic inroads?

CAMBRIDGE, Maryland — Kevin McClarren has been growing oysters in nets on the Chesapeake Bay for 20 years. “We were told it would never work,” said McClarren, who manages four acres of floating oyster grounds for the Choptank Oyster Co.…

Public health concerns raised about industrial chicken farms

Farms on Maryland’s lower Eastern Shore are starting to look more like factories these days. Johns Hopkins’ Center for a Livable future says the influx of these industrial chicken farms, also known as CAFOs, could threaten public health throughout the state.

Permits Allow Hunting on Maryland Farmers’ Fields to Control Crop-Eating Deer

Year-round hunting is possible through Deer Management Permits for farms with damaged crops.

On Some Jewish Farms, Special Rosh Hashana Means a Year of Rest, Giving Back

Rosh Hashanah this year will mark the last in a seven-year cycle, called the “shmita,” which for Jewish farmers means a year-long sabbatical during which the land is left fallow — no tilling, no planting and no harvesting. Although compliance with the shmita is mandated by the Torah for the land of Israel only, Jewish farmers in Maryland have planned ways to observe the year of rest.

Inmates Help Feed the Less Fortunate

Bernie Fowler Jr., a Southern Maryland builder and farmer, is giving some pre-release inmates a second chance by helping them help needy people.

Climate Change Affects Maryland Apple Harvest

Rising temperatures and unpredictable weather are affecting apple harvest dates and may be changing the taste as well.

Heating Manure Could Lead to a Cleaner Bay

A new grant program from the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture will bring $850,000 to farmers on the Eastern Shore and other areas to install technologically advanced systems to convert waste into green energy.

Urban Agriculture Growing in Baltimore

Small Farms within city limits are growing in popularity in Baltimore and across the country, utilizing empty, abandoned spaces and providing healthy food options for city residents.