Annapolis downtown floods as high water expected to last the weekend

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Flooding in Annapolis Friday night and into the weekend could reach the third-highest level ever recorded, according to the National Weather Service. (Video by Bethany Probst/Capital News Service) Areas along the Chesapeake Bay, including Baltimore City and…

Maryland is seeing an increase in precipitation, sea level and flooding

The Capital News Service Digital Bureau analyzed data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, finding an increase of precipitation in the state of Maryland over the last two decades.

Calvert Hills is waiting for stormwater management improvements that may still be a while

CALVERT HILLS, Maryland – Calvert Hills and the surrounding area experienced flash flooding on September 10th and are anxious for infrastructure improvements to be made. Prince George’s County is working to pass additional funding for stormwater management projects that will address…

At symposium, Van Hollen stresses support for scientists, seriousness of climate change

COLUMBIA, Maryland — Maryland Sen. Chris Van Hollen on Wednesday stressed the urgency of understanding climate change and dismissed Trump administration efforts to ban the term as “all nonsense.” The Democrat, a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, told the…

Maryland eyes Dorian for coastal flooding, rip current risks

Maryland lifeguards and emergency managers kept a close eye on possible threats from coastal flooding and rip currents as Hurricane Dorian meandered up the mid-Atlantic coast Friday afternoon and began a projected arc out to sea.

Climate change threatens flooding and hurts crabbing in Maryland

The effects of climate change are hitting Maryland hard. University of Maryland Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science Associate Professor Tim Canty says climate change has already played a role in Ellicott City’s floods.

Your phone as a way to view the flood [A simulation]

Ellicott City, Maryland — This video is an experimental look at what it would have been like to experience the flood. Instead of putting the viewer in a resident’s shoes, we put the viewer in the resident’s phone.

Rebuilding Ellicott City [360 video in 3D]

ELLICOTT CITY, Maryland—An immersive journey through the flooding, aftermath and reconstruction of Ellicott City, Maryland. Shot on an Insta360 Pro, CNS producer Aaron Rosa created graphics overlaid on 3-D aftermath footage to give a new perspective to the damage done…

Ellicott City business owners rebounding again from catastrophic floods

After the damage caused in the 2016 and 2018 floods, business owners are reopening their stores in Ellicott City every day. It’s those brick and mortar stores, along with the residents, that make the town unique. But some say the toll could be greater than dollars and cents if another major flood hits.

Ellicott City mitigation plan met with flood of opinions

ELLICOTT CITY, Maryland — Opinions are flowing in divergent directions over a five-year flood mitigation plan for Ellicott City, Maryland, that Howard County officials announced last week. The county’s proposal includes razing a row of 10 tall, brick row buildings…