Supporters say Clean Energy Jobs Act could bring thousands of clean energy jobs to Maryland

Montgomery County Senator Brian Feldman says legislation he’s sponsoring could bring as many as 20-thousand clean energy jobs to the state. The bill would require 50% of Maryland energy to be renewable by 2030 and reach 100% by 2040.

Howard County Executive updates Ellicott City flood mitigation efforts

Ellicott City has endured two deadly floods just within two years. Howard County Executive Calvin Ball updated efforts to deal with the town’s flooding problems on Thursday saying they are considering alternatives to a plan that calls for tearing down a number of the buildings on Main Street.

Ellicott City business owners rebounding again from catastrophic floods

After the damage caused in the 2016 and 2018 floods, business owners are reopening their stores in Ellicott City every day. It’s those brick and mortar stores, along with the residents, that make the town unique. But some say the toll could be greater than dollars and cents if another major flood hits.

Destructive Ellicott City floods blamed on nature and development

In recent years, Ellicott city has garnered national attention…not for historical significance…but for the 2016 and 2018 floods that devastated the community. Those deadly floods are blamed on a combination of nature and complications brought on by development.

Ellicott City flood recovery inspires local business to open despite the challenges

Though EC Pops had a sweet grand opening on April 1st, a close call with Mother Nature nearly prevented that from ever happening. But after seeing the community pull together following Ellicott City’s devastating flood in the summer of 2016 the owners of the specialty popcorn store said they were inspired to make the business work.