Baltimore man overcomes drug abuse, wins family back

BALTIMORE, Maryland — Over 90,000 children were removed from their homes in 2017 because at least one parent had a substance abuse issue. An ex-cocaine addict and single father, Michael Lewis tells the story of getting his children back.

Maryland’s Langley Park tests yet another relationship with Prince George’s County

For decades, Prince George’s County had been criticized for neglecting Langley Park, a transient, low-income Latino neighborhood on its far northwest border. That impression began to change in 2012, when the county included Langley Park in its data-driven “Transforming Neighborhoods Initiative.” Then, in 2017, with little fanfare, the country “graduated” Langley Park from the program.

Lack of Manpower at Maryland Food Bank Slows Flow of Donations to Pantries

The Maryland Food Bank has the supplies to meet the high demands of local pantries. But it doesn’t have the manpower and needs volunteers.

Maryland Food Stamp Recipients, Organizations, Scramble Under Shadow of Benefit Cuts

The expiration of the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act puts Maryland food stamp recipients at risk of losing a portion of their benefits.

House Votes to Cut SNAP Spending Despite More Marylanders Using Food Stamps

U.S. House of Representatives votes to cut $40 billion from SNAP food stamp program, while Maryland food stamp participation increases 9 percent – the third-highest of any state.