Washington Monument to reopen after three-year closure

WASHINGTON — There’s only one point in the nation’s capital from which you can see the World War II Memorial, White House, the Jefferson Memorial and United States Capitol.  But for the past three years, Americans couldn’t go up in…

George Washington’s distillery celebrates 10-year anniversary

Distillers and visitors from around the country gathered at George Washington’s distillery in Mt. Vernon to celebrate the site’s 10-year anniversary since its reconstruction.

Washington’s birthday celebration marks citizenship for dozens of former immigrants

A celebration of President George Washington’s 285th birthday and the naturalization of 51 new American citizens from 32 countries brought hundreds of visitors to Mount Vernon.

George Washington’s Distillery Makes First Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Scottish distillers return to George Washington’s Distillery to preview rare single malt produced in 2012.

O’Malley Wistful, Aware of History While Presenting Restoration Progress of Old Senate Chamber

Outgoing Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley expressed gratitude and a sentiment for history Friday morning as he presented the restoration progress of the Old Senate Chamber in the Maryland State House in Annapolis.

Graphic: Who Should Be the Fifth Nats Presidential Mascot?

The Washington Nationals announced Thursday on Twitter that a new presidential mascot would join George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt for the 2013 baseball season.