Metro Works to Improve Carbon Footprint

As it struggles with issues ranging from passenger safety to aging infrastructure to cash flow, Metro is rolling out a new sustainability agenda designed to reduce its carbon footprint and soften its environmental impact.

Democratic Gubernatorial Candidates Support GHG Reduction

Maryland’s top Democratic gubernatorial candidates would all continue state efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make it a priority to incentivize the use of alternative energy sources in the state.

Lawmakers Target Greenhouse Gas Reduction, Renewable Energy Goals

With six years left until the state meets its self-imposed deadline for greenhouse gas reduction, projections show the state will miss its target without legislation to promote increased use of renewable energy sources.

Maryland Minute Update: November 15, 2013

CNS reporter Ben Oldach addresses the possibility of a Michael Phelps comeback, how e-cigarette use is becoming more popular in schools and why Maryland is seeing a huge reduction in greenhouse gas emission from power plants.

American Supermarkets Failing to Curb Harmful CO2 Emissions, Study Finds

America’s 12 largest supermarkets and retailers are failing to curb their hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) emissions, adding large amounts of greenhouse gas to the environment, a new report finds.