Maryland lawmakers are close to adding HBCU funding

The bill would provide $577 million to Maryland’s four HBCUs over about 10 years.

Funding for historically black colleges remains held up in Senate

WASHINGTON– Historically Black Colleges and Universities in Maryland may lose more than $4 million in federal funding if Congress does not reauthorize mandatory spending for those institutions beyond the current academic year. Maryland’s HBCUs “face a funding cliff due to…

Black colleges face huge hit in Trump budget

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump’s so-called “skinny budget” proposes spending cuts that could have a severe impact on black colleges, according to advocates for those institutions.

Maryland senators vote against DeVos confirmation

WASHINGTON – Elisabeth “Betsy” DeVos on Tuesday was confirmed narrowly by the Senate as the secretary of education after Vice President Mike Pence cast an historic, tie-breaking vote, but Maryland’s two senators opposed her, warning she was not qualified. Maryland…

Caret Aims To Maintain Tuition Affordability, He Tells Lawmakers In Annapolis

Getting students to graduate in four years also a focus for university system chancellor.

Educational Gender Gap Is Changing Around the World, New Study Finds

Women make up the majority of higher education degree-holders, study finds.

Maryland College Rankings Remain Consistent Over Time

Maryland schools in the top 200 National Universities list have changed little over the past five years. The same is true of liberal arts college in Maryland, with the exception of St. John’s College.

Maryland Legislator, Once Impoverished, Wants To Give Back To Low-Income Students

Alonzo Washington made it out of the projects and into the Maryland State House, and now he has a new project of his own: help low-income students in the state obtain a higher education.

Maryland Schools Feel Pull Between GOP Governor, Democratic Majority

Gov. Hogan and Democrat legislators push education priorities – charter schools and K-12 funding, respectively – as 2015 legislative session comes to a close.

Funding for Higher Education Leaves Maryland’s Community Colleges ‘Squeezed’

A provision in a state statute guarantees that each of Maryland’s community colleges receives no less than it did the prior year, but Gov. Larry Hogan’s proposed budget for the 2016 fiscal year includes plans to reverse that.